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Transit Maps and Bus Maps

Transit Maps and Customer Information Design

Mapping and way-finding design that provide transit agencies with valuable resources to help create confident riders


Create confident riders with great maps

Public transit can be tricky, especially for new riders or visitors who are approaching the system for the first time. Making sure that riders can quickly find the best transit option for their needs in an approachable format is key for any transit provider.

Cardinal has developed award winning transit maps for systems of all sizes and we work to ensure that our tools are designed to enable riders to make confident decisions.

Create a great rider experience

Make navigation easy

Our transit maps are designed to make navigation and way-finding for your riders a simple and enjoyable process. We work to answer the major questions your riders have about navigation and integrate those into the maps.

2014 APTA AdWheel First Place Award Winner

EMBARK System Map: Oklahoma City

Maps for Every Step

Maps and guides that help riders through every step of the navigation process.

System Maps

System Maps are the first step in the navigation process and a core marketing tool for transit systems.

Route Guides

Route Guides give riders specific information about their route and help guide them to more information about the system.

Neighborhood & Station Maps

Maps built for specific locations and stations that give riders information about when their ride will arrive.

Stop Panels

Simple panels with route frequency information and simple maps which help riders before getting on their ride.

Cardinal words with our clients to learn about the specific set of tools that will work best for their transit system and riders. We perform research with riders, drivers, and staff to learn what elements will make the most effective maps.

We build custom solutions and transit maps for our clients based on our research to ensure that our transit maps will create confident riders.

Cardinal has worked with transit agencies around the US and the world. Our dedicated service, client portal and oversight, attention to detail, and innovative transit mapping tools are just a few things that we bring to the table.

EMBARK Oklahoma City

Our Process

Learn a little bit more about how we have developed great maps for our clients.

Custom Solutions

We work with all of our clients to build custom mapping solutions that help ensure that all patients and visitors have a stress free navigation experience. We make sure to find the best set of tools to help make sure that your hospital maps and guides are clear, consistent, and easy to use.

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  • We work with your team to understand some of the most pressing navigation questions
  • With that information our team finds the best set of tools and maps to build for your riders
  • You can track project progress in real time and during project review stages
  • We work to integrate modern and easy to use design into all our maps
  • We also offer full support and updates once the project is complete