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Real Estate Maps and Analysis Tools

Real Estate Maps and Real Estate Analysis Maps

Mapping and data visualization that provides real estate firms with the ability to analyze listings and deliver accurate information to clients


Feature your listings and analyze your data

Every real estate firm has to make sure that potential customers can find and learn about their listings quickly and with ease. Managing this information and making sure that customers can find the information that is right for them can be a challenge for any firm.

Cardinal develops easy to use and intuitive maps that allow firms to easily manage their listings and integrate them into a map while providing customers easy to use tools and contextual information to make the right decision.

Help customers find your listings

Engaging Maps & Informative Details

Our real estate maps are designed to be engaging for all users and are first and foremost easy to use. We make sure that finding the right property is a simple and enjoyable process for your customers and that they get information about not only the property but the neighborhood right from the map.

Get Information Out Simply

Our maps are designed to be easy to use for you and your customers

Filtering Options

We integrate intuitive and easy to use filtering options for your customers so they can find the property they want the way they want

Data Integration

No matter if you use an internal data base or a spreadsheet we can integrate your data into the map so ever time you make an update, the map updates.

Provide Context

Give your customers more information about the neighborhood they are looking in with detailed insights about the areas you work in.

Engaging Design

Our maps are designed to pull users in and encourage them to browse and search. We make the maps easy to use and provide layers of information without being overwhelming.

No matter where you have your data Cardinal can quickly and easily integrate your data into our real estate maps and property finder maps. Make updates by simply changing values in a spreadsheet or fully integrate your sales database and your map will update without lifting a finger.

Our Process

Learn a little bit more about how we have developed great maps for our clients.

Custom Solutions

We work with all of our clients to build custom mapping solutions that help ensure that all patients and visitors have a stress free navigation experience. We make sure to find the best set of tools to help make sure that your hospital maps and guides are clear, consistent, and easy to use.

  • We work with you and your team to learn about your clients and what they are looking for
  • With that information our team finds the best set of tools to integrate into your specific mapping tools
  • You can track project progress in real time and during project review stages
  • Once your maps are ready our team will work to integrate, install, and implement the new tools
  • We also offer full support and updates once the project is complete

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