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Maps To Know: London Tube Strike, Seattle Seahawks in San Fran, and Baseball Borders

Maps To Know: London Tube Strike, Seattle Seahawks in San Fran, and Baseball Borders

May 1, 2014
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Welcome to our new video series Maps to Know, where we will cover the most interesting and important maps from around the web and beyond!

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On our blog we will cover the maps we talk about in each episode and give you the links to check out the maps on your own. Here are the maps from this episode.

London Tube Strike Map (Source: Independent)

London Tube Map









This week transit riders in London were faced with a 48-hour tube strike and significant decreases in service during the strike. This map and others were built to help riders find which lines are up and running during the strike. As you can see many lines were not up and running compared to normal service. Maps like these help riders quickly find how they can get around the city during a major service shutdown. We saw a similar map developed by the MTA in New York following Hurricane Sandy which you can see here.


The San Francisco 49ers New Stadium on Google Maps (Source: CBS Sports)

Seattle Seahawks 49ers

Google Maps mislabeled the San Francisco 49ers Stadium with ‘seahawks’









If you look up “Levi’s Stadium” in Google Maps you might notice that underneath the label you might notice that the Seahawks label shows up. The only problem is this is the new San Francisco 49ers stadium. Now this isn’t actually Google’s fault. Those labels are generated by the reviews on the map listing and after looking at the reviews a lot of folks are excited about next years matchup against the Super Bowl champs. You can see the Twitter mentions about the 49ers 2014 Schedule here. Sooner or later this label should correct itself but in the meantime the Seahawks appear to be playing home games in San Jose.

Baseball Borders by the New York Times (Source: Upshot/NY Times)

Baseball Borders

Baseball Borders using Facebook Data from the New York Times










There have been a few baseball territory maps over the years but the New York times developed one of the most accurate maps of baseball team’s territory. Using data from Facebook the NY Times mapped out how fan allegiances show up across the US. Some of the highlights show up along some of the most disputed territories including the Yankees/Red Sox border and in Chicago for the Cubs and the White Sox. Take a look here and make sure to check out the interactive map.

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