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Maps to Know: Google Maps Update, Uber City Maps, and Cameron Booth's US Highway Maps

google maps app

Maps to Know: Google Maps Update, Uber City Maps, and Cameron Booth’s US Highway Maps

May 19, 2014
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Here are the maps we covered in this episode of Maps to Know:

Google Maps Updates (Source: Google Maps Lat Long)

google maps app

Google Maps made some major updates to it’s mobile app this past week










Google Maps recently completed a major overhaul of its mobile app with several key features being upgraded. First the GPS navigation now features lane guidance, so when you are making a turn you know exactly which lane you need to be in. It also added GPS directions for biking and walking as well. Next it added a robust filtering feature for search results which positions the app to be a competitor to Yelp. You can also save maps for offline use as well which is a great addition for overseas travel, long road trips, and for using the app in areas with minimal cell reception. The app also added the option for users to request an Uber car from their phone, which makes sense since Uber is a Google Ventures company.


Where People Uber Maps  (Source: Policy Mic/Uber)

uber new york

Map of Uber cars in New York City








The car sharing service Uber released 100 different maps of GPS traces where Uber cars travel in the different cities they operate in. Policy Mic featured the maps and stated that the maps reveal some interesting trends about each city:

Uber, the breakout and sometimes controversial taxi-hailing service, recently released a series of incredible maps showing where its premium taxis actually go in 100 cities across the world, and the results aren’t just of interest to traffic planners. In fact, because the service tends to ferry wealthier passengers from one ritzy neighborhood to another, with a little creative thinking, Uber’s maps reveal some pretty telling class lines in virtually all of the cities monitored. 

You can check out each of the maps and judge what the maps say about your city here.

Cameron Booth’s Highways of the United States (Source: Transit Maps Blog)

highway subway map

Cameron Booth’s massive map of US interstates and highways as a subway map









Cameron Booth of the Transit Maps Blog recently completed a massive map that depicts US highways and interstates as a subway map. This map is a combination of two of his other maps built in the same style. Cameron posted several updates of the map over at his blog as well showing just how much work it takes to build a map of this scale.

You can get prints of the map as well as prints of individual states as well at his store here.

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