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Mapping Software: Make a Map Online and Make Custom Maps

Create custom maps using your data from Excel and design custom maps online

Cardinal Maps and CartoDB

Cardinal Maps is a proud partner with CartoDB, which provides some of the best online mapping solutions available today. CartoDB allows you to take your data and create stunning maps and visualizations in a few simple steps.

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Import your data with ease

Easily upload your data in any format using a simple drag and drop or import your data from any URL. You can also use data from Excel files, Dropbox, or Google Docs

  • CSV
  • XLS
  • KML
  • Shapefile
  • MySQL
  • Wordpress
  • ESRI Shapefile

Automatically sync your data

Making updates to your map has never been easier. Files uploaded to a URL, Google Docs, or Dropbox sync on an automatic schedule so any changes you make show up on your map after you make the changes.

You can also use CartoDB's table view to edit your file from the web to make changes to your data at any time. Managing your map's data is easier than ever

Custom base maps

With CartoDB you can use a custom base map to match your website and your brand. From a simple street map to a detailed terrain map, you can map your data using any style you like.

Cardinal can work with you to choose a stylish base map to match your needs or work on a custom base map that is all your own. You can even map your data using a blank background.

Style your map

Styling your map elements is as simple as ever. CartoDB comes with a variety of style selections for points, lines, bubbles, colors, heat maps, and more for your data.

Create advanced styles using CartoCSS. If you know how to use CSS you can easily style your map any way you want.

Customizable info-windows

Customize your data to show your data. Use CartoDB to change the style, select the data you want to show, and arrange them the way you want.

You can use HTML to style the infowindows even more. Ask us about our customized infowindow styles for CartoDB and how to include charts, images, and videos.

Use multiple layers of data

Easily integrate multiple layers of data into your map. Simply create a map and add multiple tables of data to your map.

Style each layer individually and allow your users to turn different layers on and off to truly interact with your data.

Fast and accurate geo-referencing

Quickly and easily translate addresses, city names, and more into latitude and longitude coordinates with CartoDB's geo-referencing feature.

Take your data and quickly create a map using sales data, store locations, addresses, and other place names and create a geographic file in a matter of minutes.

Make time lapse visualizations

If your data has date and time information you can easily visualize your data over time using the Torque feature.

Style different features to help your data stand out and see trends and changes over time. Then let your map play and allow users to see trends and changes in your data.

Easy integration on any platform

When you are ready to share your map you can easily create a link to share your map or embed it on any website. All maps are mobile compatible out of the box.

Take it further using the CartoDB API and create advanced map applications and visualizations and add even more to your maps.


Track marketing efforts and visualize trending topics by using Twitter integrations for CartoDB.

Map search topics and hashtags and visualize tweets over time. See what topics are trending where and compare trends across the globe.

Pick your CartoDB account

Plans to fit any size budget and organization



or $319 per year

14-day free trial

  • Up to 10 tables
  • Up to 100 MB of data
  • Synced data
  • Password protected maps
  • Private maps
  • Removable brand

  • 50k map views/month included ($.50/1k extra map views)
  • 250 geocodings included ($15/1k extra geocodings)
  • Up to 4 layers

John Snow

or $539 per year

14-day free trial

  • Up to 20 tables
  • Up to 200 MB of data
  • Synced data
  • Password protected maps
  • Private maps
  • Removable brand

  • 100k map views/month included ($.50/1k extra map views)
  • 500 geocodings included ($15/1k extra geocodings)
  • Up to 5 layers


or $3,299 per year

14-day free trial

  • Unlimited tables
  • Up to 1 GB of data
  • Synced data
  • Password protected maps
  • Private maps
  • Removable brand

  • 800k map views/month included ($.40/1k extra map views)
  • 2k geocodings included ($10/1k extra geocodings)
  • Up to 6 layers


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Learn about our consulting and training packages to get in depth help and advice on a regular basis working with your CartoDB account and to help create the maps you need.

We will set up a meeting to learn about your goals and ideas and design a custom package to meet your needs and help you develop the maps you need. We have packages to fit every size organization and budget. Click below to learn more and get more information and a quote today.

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Custom map creator, Cardinal Maps, formed a strategic alliance with CartoDB to provide you with mapping software to create customized maps with the data you collect. Uploading all your findings on your online software, you are enabled to easily make professional looking maps with excel data.

As your exclusive map maker, Cardinal Maps aim is to create a platform whereby your company gains maximum coverage, utilizing the most innovative technologies, like geo-referencing, mobile and multiple data integration, and social marketing options.