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Hospital Maps and Patient Guides

Hospital Maps,
and Patient Guides

Mapping and way-finding
that provide hospitals
with valuable resources
for their patients and visitors


Make getting around your hospital easy

Hospitals can be difficult to navigate, especially for new patients and visitors coming to the hospital for the first time. Making sure you can quickly and easily help visitors and patients find their way is a major resource for any hospital and its team.

Cardinal develops easy to use and intuitive maps and patient guides for hospitals to help build great patient and visitor experiences.

Create a great patient experience

Make navigation easy

Our hospital maps are designed to make navigation and way finding for your patients and visitors a simple and painless process. We work to answer the major questions your patients have about navigation and integrate those into the maps.

Maps for Every Step

Maps and guides that help patients and visitors every step of the way.

Floor Plan Maps

Easy to use maps and guides for each floor in your hospital with easy to use icons, labels, and directories.

Campus Maps

Maps and guides for a hospital campus of any size with simple directions, walking routes, directories, and more to help with navigation between buildings.

Map Pads

Map Pads are a set of maps of a specific floor that can be used and informational kiosks and nurses stations. Any staff member can draw or highlight on the map, tear it off, and give it directly to the patient or visitor.

Google Indoor Maps

Integrate your floor plan maps directly into Google Maps and allow any patient or visitor to access hospital information from their computer or phone with ease.

Cardinal works to ensure that all our maps and guides are easy to use for all communities. Every map utilizes icon design to make navigation easier for non-native English speakers and any map can be translated into any language.

We also design our maps to conform to ADA design standards and develop maps using Braille for printed and physical map applications.

Our Process

Learn a little bit more about how we have developed great maps for our clients.

Custom Solutions

We work with all of our clients to build custom mapping solutions that help ensure that all patients and visitors have a stress free navigation experience. We make sure to find the best set of tools to help make sure that your hospital maps and guides are clear, consistent, and easy to use.

  • We work with your team to understand some of the most pressing navigation questions
  • With that information our team finds the best set of tools to integrate into your specific maps and guides
  • You can track project progress in real time and during project review stages
  • Once your maps are ready our team will work to integrate, install, and implement the new tools
  • We also offer full support and updates once the project is complete

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