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Maps for Data Journalism and New Media

Maps for
Data Journalism
and New Media

Data visualization that provides journalists and media organizations with tools to bring stories to life.


Bring your story to life

Every story no matter the scale deals with various levels of data and is linked to specific locations. Making sure that your audience can interact with the data behind the story is crucial to engage your base on current issues and trending stories.

Cardinal works to develop engaging and maps for data journalism to engage audiences and help journalists tell their story

Build beautiful and engaging maps for any story

Maps for any size story

No matter the size or scope of the story Cardinal can develop maps and visualizations that will enhance the story and engage readers.

From storytelling maps to Twitter data time lapse maps to full interactive projects Cardinal works with your team to determine the best visualizations and works to bring your story to life.

Multiple visualization options

Many different types of maps so you can find the best way to visualize your story.

Storyboard Maps

Maps that weave interactive stories that walk readers through a story in a visual and engaging map and timeline.

Twitter Visualizations

Map data pulled from Twitter and visualize major events by showing where users are talking about specific events around the world or in your backyard.

Engaging Visualizations

Maps using data from your story or from any source that are custom built using modern design.

Interactive Projects

Fully interactive projects that allow readers to interact with the map and data, find new information, and learn about the story in a fully immersive context.

No matter where you have your data Cardinal can quickly and easily integrate the data from your story into a map. Make updates by simply changing values in a spreadsheet or fully integrate your database and your map will update without lifting a finger.

Our Process

Learn a little bit more about how we have developed great maps for our clients.

Custom Solutions

We work with all of our clients to build custom mapping solutions that help ensure that every map works to bring the story a great experience. We make sure to find the best solutions to help make sure that your maps are clear, consistent, and informative.

  • We work directly with you and your team to understand the core of the story and how to visualize the data behind it
  • With that information our team finds the best map or maps to integrate into your story
  • You can track project progress in real time and during project review stages
  • Once your maps are ready our team will work to integrate, install, and implement the new map
  • We also offer full support and updates once the map is complete

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