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How Does Crime Mapping Work? Does It Help?

How Does Crime Mapping Work? Does It Help?

December 9, 2014
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With the invention of new technologies come a variety of new ways for law enforcement agencies to control crime. The internet has always been and is still a big help to law enforcement departments. It doesn’t just serve as a better way to fight crime; it also helps the public by spreading awareness about crimes.

One of the most prominent ways the internet helps local police departments and the public is through crime mapping. These maps enable the respective departments to take swift action, and pass the information onto public so that they respond appropriately to stay safe. Earlier, it was quite difficult to get the word out to people, and mostly, people would get to know about crimes in the next day’s paper, crime maps have changed this and evolved overtime to give real-time updates.

At Cardinal Maps, we were asked to build a crime map of Washington DC. The data provided to us was not exactly easy to decipher and the citizens faced serious problems as they could not stay updated with the crime trends in the city. However, after in-depth analysis of the data provided, we were able to create a map where viewers cannot just search by filtering a crime type but they can also learn about the time the crime took place along with the exact locations. You can view the map by clicking here.

How Does Crime Mapping Help Citizens?

Apart from being able to view the trends in crime, crime map viewers can also:

– View crimes in their city by selecting types, or in other words, filter out the crime they wish to see the trends in. The Washington DC crime map designed by Cardinal Maps allows viewers to filter out crimes like theft, robbery, burglary, motor vehicle theft, assault, sexual abuse, and homicide all by just a few simple clicks.

– The crimes in your selected categories are then shown up on the map, identifying the exact locations where they took place. The viewers can learn about the complete address, and they can even search crime by neighborhood.

– Crime maps can also be designed to show complete statistics, on a monthly, yearly, and any other time period. This allows viewers to analyze crime trends in their city.

– The best part about crime maps is that they can be easily accessed through mobile devices which helps users stay updated on the go, at all times.

These are just some of the ways in which crime maps can help. If you want us to design a crime map for your city or country, be sure to give us a call!