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College Football Maps: Maps of College Football Fans and their Allegiances

College Football Maps: Maps of College Football Fans and their Allegiances

November 17, 2014
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Sports maps tend to be some of the most popular maps that show up online and the New York Times has published some great maps that detail the college football landscape. The maps show each zip code across the United States by the percentage of Facebook likes for each team across the US. The New York Times has published similar maps for Major League Baseball fan allegiances as well which you can check out here and in our Maps to Know Video here.


Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 2.09.08 PM

This map pretty much follows what you would expect for the different College Football borders with a few different ‘islands’ built into the map for smaller in state teams such as Auburn in Alabama, Oklahoma State in Oklahoma, and Kansas State in Kansas. There are a few different areas that are a bit more contested as well.


Indiana: A state of many teams


Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 3.52.58 PM


Indiana probably has the most diverse set of fan allegiances in college football in the US. There are six teams, three of which are in Indiana, that make up the football landscape in the Hoosier state. Notre Dame seems to dominate most of the state, especially around South Bend. Indiana and Purdue have strong fan bases near their campuses but not anywhere else in the state. Louisville also has a strong fan base in southern Indiana and Kentucky also has some fans in the southern border regions. Ohio State is the other team that has some fans in the border along Ohio. Unfortunately Michigan and Illinois don’t break into the Indiana fan landscape.


New York City: Lot’s of Fans from All Over



New York City hasn’t had a rich college football history apart from the Columbia Lions win in the 1934 Rose Bowl. In today’s football landscape you can find fans from about every corner of the US. In New Jersey, Rutgers seems to dominate the fan base but they don’t break in to New York City. In New York and Long Island there isn’t a clear winner in terms of a fan base but teams such as Syracuse, Michigan, Penn State, Notre Dame, Oregon, and Florida appear in the top spot in various zip codes.


Minneapolis: Badger Land




One of the bigger surprises on the map is that Minneapolis, the home city of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, actually has more fans of the Wisconsin Badgers than the Gophers. Minneapolis is fairly close to the Wisconsin border but it is one of the only locations in the US where an FBS team has more fans from a different team in it’s home city. And as a UW-Madison Alumni from Minneapolis, I do have to say On Wisconsin.


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