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Business Intelligence Mapping: BI Mapping and Analytics

Business Intelligence
Mapping, Dashboards
and Analytics

Location based data visualization
that provides businesses
with a clear view
of their data


Find answers in your data

Every business and sales team has mountains of data in their systems about customers, competition, marketing, growth, and many other areas. Having all this information is great, but overwhelming at the same time.

Our business intelligence mapping and analytical dashboard solutions provide businesses with a clear view of their business data using interactive solutions and great design.

Map Your Data

Easily map and visualize sales, marketing, and other data on one map. Quickly and easily filter your data, find new insights, and get to the bottom of important questions.

Simple Data Integration

Link your data to your database or any exported data and update with ease and in real time. The map and dashboards will update once you add new leads. Your map will have live data as you need it.

Get Answers Faster

You can quickly filter the map results by any category in your data and show the results based on those filters. The possibilities to visualize your data are limitless.

Unlimited Visualization Options

See your data in new ways. You can quickly see your data as a heat map or other map types, use multiple chart types, and many other options.

Visualize your data with clarity

Create. Visualize. Analyze.

Our business intelligence mapping and BI dashboards work with your natural ability to understand data visually. Create reports, find new opportunities, and find connections between data - visually.

Make Analytics Easy

Business intelligence mapping and visual analytics for your entire organization.

Any Data Integrated

From spreadsheets to SQL to cloud services you can integrate any and all data sources into the map and visual dashboard.

Mobile Access

Our business intelligence maps and dashboards are designed to work on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Take the map with you on the go.

Update Automatically

Get the freshest data in your maps and dashboards with a live connection or scheduled update from your database. Never be without new information.

Smart Dashboards

Combine multiple views into one dashboard to create a custom layout to get the most valuable insight. Data visualization best practices are used in all our business intelligence mapping and dashboards.

No matter where you have your sales data Cardinal can quickly and easily integrate your data into our business intelligence mapping and dashboards. Make updates by simply changing values in a spreadsheet or fully integrate your sales database and your map will update without lifting a finger.

Our Process

Learn a little bit more about how we have developed great maps for our clients.

Custom Solutions

We work with all of our clients to build custom business intelligence mapping solutions that help solve their most pressing sales needs. We make sure to find the best set of tools to help make sure that your business data is visualized clearly and helps your team make effective decisions.

  • We work with your team to understand your core business needs and the key elements that will help you the most
  • With that information our team finds the best set of tools to integrate into your specific maps and dashboards
  • You can track project progress in real time and during project review stages
  • Once the map is ready we work to implement and teach your team about the new map application
  • We also offer support and data updating once the project is complete

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